Green Deal

green deal assessment financeThe Green deal is a government initiative designed to help people makes their homes more energy efficient, at minimal upfront cost. It is a finance scheme based on a Pay as you Save principle where you pay back the cost of energy improvements over time, using savings made on your energy bills.

The repayments are added to the property electricity bill & should not be greater than the savings the improvement makes to your household energy bills.

The Green Deal finances the works, and then the cost of the measures undertaken is administered through the savings in the electricity bill. Eligibility for the loan rests on the Golden Rule. Savings on your bill must be equal to or exceed the cost of the work.

Should you move home, the Green Deal lives with the property. In other words, the new owner pays for electricity bills at the same rate.

 Millions of home across the UK will benefit from energy saving measures installed under a Green Deal.

There are 45 energy saving measures eligible for finance through Green Deal including Air Source Heat Pumps, Biomass boilers,  Draught Proofing, Gas-fired condensing boilers, Heating & hot water controls, Cylinder Thermostats & insulation Flue gas heat recovery devices, Ground Source Heat pumps, Micro Combined Heat and Power, Photovoltaics, Solar Water heating, Under floor heating as well as different types of insulation & replacement doors& windows

The Green Deal process consisted of a property assessment carried out by an accredited Green Deal Assessor which outlines your properties energy performance & the amount of energy used, and makes recommendations to make the property more efficient.

Finance is arranged through a Green Deal Provider and the repayment schedule is set up with your energy supplier.

The energy efficiency works are then carried out by an authorised Green Deal Installer.

Some people & some improvements can also qualify for grants funded by energy companies under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). When these grants are available these work alongside the Green Deal to help fund measures.

green deal assessment finance

Everyone involved in every stage of the Green Deal process have to be approved & certified with official Green Deal status.

The Green Deal is a reputable initiative with an accreditation system, code of practice & strong consumer rights. Unfortunately there are some organisations who are nothing to do with the Green Deal who pretend to be involved & employ cold calling by telephone and knocking on doors.



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