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Since the 1960s fire & back boilers have been the choice of many to heat their homes. Powering heating and hot water the boilers were discretely hidden behind a gas fire in the lounge.  Baxi back boilers originally became popular in the late 1960s - with the launch of the original Baxi Bermuda. So reliable was the Baxi back boiler, that it quickly accounted for 80% of back boiler installations.

Most manufacturers involved with backboilers stopped production as manufacturers found they could not comply with the energy efficiency requirements demanded in today's market.

However one company, Baxi continued to work and refine their products culminating in the launch of the Latest High efficiency BBU unit. Now, around 90% of back boiler installations feature the Baxi model.

Recent advances in Baxi technology mean that we are now able to offer a back boiler that's considerably more efficient - great news for homeowners and the environment.

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In addition to increased efficiency and reduced fuel bills, the Baxi BBU HE has a number of features:

  • Trusted, reliable Baxi back boiler technology for complete peace of mind 
  • High efficiency back boiler, meeting all current legislation 
  • SEDBUK Band A rated; saves energy and reduces heating bills 
  • 15kW heat output; modulating boiler adapts to heat demand ensuring optimum performance at all times 
  • Single piece flexible concentric flue; eliminating the need to provide flue inspection access 
  • Quiet in operation





  • Room sealed appliance; eliminating the need for air vents in the room 
  • Built in condensate pump and no pump overrun required, to ease installation 
  • Factory set to enable easy boiler commissioning 
  • Simple to use external boiler controls located on the dedicated Valor Dimension fire front 
  • Available with a range of dedication Valor Dimension electric firefronts. 
  • 2 year warranty* 

*Subject to registration and an annual service







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