Elgin and Hall Electric Fires and Fireplaces in Chorley,  Lancashire


Why choose an electric fireplace?

Because it's electric - no chimney or recess is required. Any fireplace in the collection can be fixed flat to wall and then it's just a question of plug in&

In output, the 2kW provides instant heat supplementing central heating or allowing heat of one room when the weather is a bit cool. 

In a range of styles & materials - you have the choice of micro marble, the rich tone and texture of timber including American Walnut and Natural Oak finishes or the Colour Collection offering shades of Suede, Stone, Linen & Ivory



Electric Inset LED Fires

If your home already has a fireplace set in a wall or chimney breast, burning solid fuel or gas and you would prefer the convenience of 100% efficient, thermostatically controlled heat and the freedom of clean, eco-friendly living - plus the flame effect alone option for instant impact and unbeatable economy, Elgin & Hall have designed two new models allowing you to connect with the clean experience of the latest in electrics.



Electric Wall Mounted LED Fires

Simply fix the fire to the wall and switch on.  Fitted flat to the wall these fires take up very little room area & are great for smaller rooms. Remote controlled, you can choose between three levels of realistic flame effect & three different colours to backlight your wall and two heat settings or"flame only".

Instant, efficient and thermostatically controlled heat with the abiding fascination of a real fire. By itself, this LED generated effect consumes just 6 watts of energy.