Linea Mantel with Pearl Stone Hearth/Back Panel

Linea Mantel with Pearl Stone Micro Marble Hearth & Back Panel

The Linea mantle with its bold boxy styling & strong design lines is available in both 42" and 48" widths

Mantel finished in Natural Oak

Dimensions 42"

Width of mantel- 1070mm

Width of hearth - 1070mm

Height  - 978mm

Depth of mantel - 130mm

Depth of hearth - 380mm

Dimensions  48"

Width of mantel- 1220mm

Width of hearth - 1220mm

Height  - 1038mm

Depth of mantel - 173mm

Depth of hearth - 380mm

42" Mantel & Marble Set  £425

48" Mantel & Marble Set  Add £50 £475

Please contact us for more details.